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Curaleaf Becomes First Company to Release Medical Cannabis Tablets in Florida

Curaleaf Becomes First Company to Release Medical Cannabis Tablets in FloridaThe latest advancement in the Florida medicinal cannabis market came in the form of medical cannabis tablets on September 12th. Curaleaf Holdings, the company behind the new tablets, announced that they are now available at all 26 of its medical cannabis dispensaries in Florida. Curaleaf’s Medical cannabis tablets are also sold in Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland and New York. The overall goal and primary focus of the medical cannabis tablets is to offer patients an alternative method of delivery.

Joe Lusardi, Chief Executive Officer of Curaleaf Holdings, stated: “Knowing that our premium quality medical cannabis products allow so many of our patients to live life well, we are always looking for alternative administration methods to meet patients’ needs. We are proud to be the first to offer Florida’s patients the option of medical cannabis tablets.”

The medical cannabis tablets are offered in a mint flavor and are designed to refresh the patient as it simultaneously is an easy-to-use, simple form of cannabis medication. Patients who utilize Curaleaf’s medication simply need to place the tablet into the mouth and allow for it to disintegrate on the tongue. Tablets are packaged in child-proof containers, as required by Florida Department of Health Regulations (FDHR), and are up to state-certified physicians to assess if medical cannabis tablets are suitable for their patients.

It was estimated by iAnthus Capital that the medical cannabis market in Florida by 2020 will be valued at $1.0 billion. The state of Florida has the second-fastest medical cannabis market expansion – Behind Oklahoma by only a difference of 32 newly registered medical cannabis patients per day. Florida has an average daily increase of 609 new medical cannabis patients.

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Curaleaf Becomes First Company to Release Medical Cannabis Tablets in Florida