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CUDDLY & MyJane Release CBD Product Box for Pets and Pet Owners

CUDDLY & MyJane Release CBD Product Box for Pets and Pet OwnersA new box of cannabidiol (CBD) products called “Time to Paws” for pets and their owners just hit the market after a partnership effort between CUDDLY and MyJane. CUDDLY and MyJane partnered together with their shared interests in the effort to improve the wellbeing of individuals. CUDDLY’s goals, since it was established in 2014, is to reduce the burden often felt by pet rescues from medical bills, obedience training, and other sudden costs that cause shelters to pursue other options. While CUDDLY focuses more on the specific animal shelter caretakers side of individuals, MyJane has a wider scope with its focus to separate and distinguish fact from fiction within the cannabis industry and also works as a guide for women who have a vested interest in cannabis products.


Bridget Bowhay, the Director of eCommerce Partnerships at CUDDLY, stated: “This CBD box offers more than just products, it offers hope. Many of these pets have gone through terrible circumstances and the stress associated with this plays a role in their health, disposition, and ultimately their chances of survival.”

Products within the ‘Time to Paws’ CBD box include a variety of topicals for pet owners such as sprays and a lip balm made by Mediprana in raspberry champagne flavor. As for products that are aimed towards pets specifically, the box includes a Kush Queen brand lavender bath bomb, CBD pet travel sprays flavored in chicken and bacon, and pet wipes for any messy pet-related occasion. The specific time for product usage of any CBD product within the box can be utilized as part of the pet’s everyday routine or when times of anxiety are likely to be present and experienced from separation or holidays.

Kim Kovacs, MyJane’s Founder and President, stated: “When I met the team at CUDDLY, I knew our missions aligned. So much focus has been placed on nutrition for pets, but being able to take a step beyond that to ensure holistic wellness means the whole family, including our four-legged kids, can thrive.”

The ‘Time to Paws’ CBD product box for pets and pet owners all around is available and on sale now at the CUDDLY website for $69.00.

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CUDDLY & MyJane Release CBD Product Box for Pets and Pet Owners