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In the coming years, the global legal cannabis market is expected to grow at a jaw-dropping pace. With new states and countries openeing up, the market size is expected to reach over $70 billion by 2029. This is precisely why investors have begun to warm up to cannabis stocks. These include cannabis penny stocks like CRXPF which gained a staggering 9,900% today – but is it a buy?

Sure, most folks know household names like Tilray and Cronos Group but there are 450 other opportunities in the cannabis sector.

Best Hemp Stocks 2021

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With the rising popularity of penny stocks by reddit and r/wallstreetbets, these stocks should be considered for excellent intraday plays. Sure, these are speculative plays but they offer an excellent risk/reward matrix.

Sure, very few penny stocks should be considered for long term plays but with gains like 9,900% penny cannabis stocks like CRXPF have our full attention.

CRXPF Gains 9,900% But is it a Buy?

CRXPF Gains 9,900% Today, Is it a Buy?

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Before trading commenced this morning, CanninBot sent a signal for CRXPF to our subscribers. Legally, we will not tell folks to buy stocks so we give stocks like CRXPF a ‘strong‘ rating. In fact, these ratings happen prior to trading. Interestingly enough, for every $1 invested in CRXPF, our clients made an eye-popping $100. You probably already know, returns like these are simply not as prevalent with the larger-cap cannabis stocks like Canopy Growth and Aurora Cannabis.

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Best Hemp Stocks 2021

What is CRXPF?

Vert Infrastructure Ltd. (OTC:CRXPF) provides financing solutions for the cannabis industry. In fact, The Company offers capital investment for land expansion, greenhouse facilities, brand positioning opportunities, electrical distribution networks, and lighting systems. They serve customers in North America. Vert Infrastructure is headquartered in Vancouver, BC.

Is CRXPF a Buy?

Again, penny cannabis stocks like CRXPF are purely a speculative play. Admittedly, they are not meant as great long-term buy and hold investments. However, we do like the volatility of CRXPF for intraday trading. Again, if you had gotten the CanninBot rating and invested $100 into CRXPF, you’d be sitting on $1000 right now. The question is, will you buy CRXPF?
CRXPF Gains 9,900% Today, Is it a Buy?

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