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Cresco Labs (CSE: CL) announced on December 12th that the company has received the first approval of its kind to operate a medical cannabis dispensary in Ohio. The company’s dispensary is located in Wintersville and offers a range of pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products for eligible patients in the state that include transdermal patches, oral spays, pills, and more. The Wintersville dispensary offers, along with its premium-quality line of cannabis products, a comprehensive one-on-one consultation session for patients to discuss their symptoms and cannabis use in private.

Chief Executive Officer of Cresco Labs, Charles Bachtell, said: “Receiving the first approval to operate is a major milestone in the transformation of the cannabis program in Ohio. This is also a big step forward for Cresco along our path of unparalleled speed to market, powerful influence in industry development, and proven execution in consumer markets.”

The company also has a 50,000 sq. ft. cultivation facility within the vicinity of the Wintersville dispensary that will eventually supply dispensaries across Ohio with Cresco Labs branded cannabis products.

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