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Davis Farms and The Hemp Mine of Fair Play, SC are creating a paradigm shift in hemp genetics for farmers. Both Davis Farms and The Hemp Mine are leading genetics providers for hemp farmers across the United States. Instead of competing to produce quality genetics, they are joining forces to select and produce the best hemp flower in the nation. Farmers will benefit from a combined hemp powerhouse of knowledge in breeding, trialing, growing, and production.

“Our hope is to set a precedence in the industry for collaboration versus unhealthy competition. The Hemp Mine and Davis Hemp Farms intend to stay in this industry for the long-term, and we see no better way to do this and grow than by joining forces and combining the skills of each other for the benefit of the farmer,” said Allison Justice, PhD., Founder & CEO of The Hemp Mine. “For THM, incorporating DHF into our genetics lineup is a crucial piece for having a well-rounded vegetative offering. DHF has the reputation and data to back up the ability to produce plants that produce quality smokable flower on a full term, trimmed flower. Not many can stand behind this too often used claim.”

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The Hemp Mine is known for providing its data driven, regionally validated and proven genetic portfolio of hemp clones. Davis Farms has developed a similar reputation for providing high quality, total THC compliant feminized seed to farmers. The goal of their collaboration is to discover the best examples of select varieties from the Davis Farms Mariposa line of genetics through field pheno-hunting.

Competing Hemp Genetics Providers Join Forces to Raise Quality Standards

The Hemp Mine and Davis Farms, with the support and sponsorship of Kaycha Labs/Result Group, will be large-scale field testing seeds from the Davis Farms patented varieties, ‘Painted Lady’ and ‘Eighty Eight’. The trial field will be located at The Hemp Mine’s SC farm where their annual Field Day event is held. This is important for farmers because they will be able to see plant performance firsthand at the Field Day event the first week of September. These plants will go through comprehensive analytics for both cannabinoids and terpenes. Clones and unrooted cuttings of the winning selections from both varieties will be available to farmers through The Hemp Mine and their strong vegetative supply chain.

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“Our varieties have set the industry bar for compliant CBD hemp with an average ratio of 30:1 in our feminized seed lines. With that being said, we have discovered single plant examples through our University & independent trials containing ratios as high as 77:1 CBD to THC,” stated Jeremy Klettke, Founder & CEO of Davis Farms. “Our goal with this collab is to identify, preserve, and offer the best of these plants to hemp farmers around the nation through The Hemp Mine in the vegetative form. A part of our company ethos is to support the development of the industry through any cooperative or collaborative means possible, and I believe this season’s collab will bring about some very special offerings.” Mr. Klettke went on to say, “We recognize the ground that can be gained by working with responsible and proven companies like The Hemp Mine. I see this as a win for the farmers whose success going forward depends a lot on procuring stable & compliant genetics.”

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Competing Hemp Genetics Providers Join Forces to Raise Quality Standards

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