notorious-big-6fca685a-588d-4dc4-a3d4-7a7b1350a73fThink BIG, along with Lowell Herb Co., just released a new pre-roll product which contains California sun-grown cannabis. The newly released product, The Frank White Creative Blend, is a pack of pre-rolled cannabis which consists of a blend of three cannabis strains.

A custom and balanced blend of Orange Sherbet, Banjo, and Rattlesnake Sour Diesel can be found in the Frank White Creative Blend pre-rolls available for sale at Rose Collective and Sweet Flower in Los Angeles for $40 per pack.

A portion of every pre-roll pack sale goes towards California’s Prison Arts Project. The California Prison Arts Project is a subset of the William James Association that allows for contracts to be made with professional artists who have detailed experience in visual, literary, and performing arts fields. These experienced artists work to provide unique experiences which transform prisoners, high-risk youth, and parolees with valid and substantial proof that incarcerated participants have less disciplinary instances and an increased likelihood of future success after being released on parole.


CJ Wallace, son of Notorious B.I.G., stated: “I’ve always been inspired by my dad and his alter-ego, by the ghostly figure of Frank White. I’ve always wanted to play with that, and this was my chance to do it.”

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