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HQ: Cambridge, UK
Incorporated: 1998
Exchanges: NASDAQ, OTC, London, Germany

CEO: Mr. Justin D. Gover

Focus: Strong

Market Cap: $4.0 bil
Enterprise Value: $3.8 bil
Size by market cap within cannabis industry:     3rd of 200+
# of employees: 600

Markets: Strong
PrimaryUSA with new Epidiolex drug
SecondarySativex: Outside the USA

Operations: Neutral

Production and Distribution: Neutral

Integration/Diversification: Neutral
Vertically integratedNo. It will produce only, and rely on industry channels to distribute the drug
Horizontally diversifiedGW has several drugs in the pipeline, so they are trying to be diversified

Financials: Neutral (no revenue yet from new Epidiolex drug, and costs are still very high.)
Earnings/Revenue/Cost control:   $460 mil

Founder and Exec Chairman: Dr. Geoffrey W. Guy
CEO: Mr. Justin D. Gover
CFO:  Scott M. Giacobello
COO:  Christopher John Tovey BSc

Branding: Neutral

Valuation: Hold

Financings: Strong (GW has a lot of cash, and does not appear to need to raise money.)

Recommendation:  Do not buy  (too expensive)

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