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Cansortium Cannabis Stock

Cansortium (OTC: CNTMF) (CSE: TIUM.U)

Cansortium, Inc.

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Cansortium is a multi-state operator of cannabis cultivation and dispensary licenses in the USA. They have large presences in FL, PA, MI, and TX. Their main brand is Fluent. They are headquartered in Miami, Florida.

Is CNTMF a buy opportunity?

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Cansortium, Inc. Fundamental Analysis


HQ: Miami, FL, USA
Founded: 2018

Focus: Strong

Cansortium is a cultivator of cannabis with manufacturing facilities for concentrate and infused products along with dispensary locations for distribution and retail. Their largest and most known brand is Fluent.


Market Cap: US $93.1 million
Enterprise Value: $165.1 million
# of employees: 350

Markets: Strong

Primary: Florida
Secondary: Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania
Subsidiaries, Interests:
Majority: Cansortium FL LLC, Cansortium PN LLC, Spirit Lake Rd Nursery, Cansortium Health Partners, Cansortium Holdings

Operations: Neutral

Present Productions: Cultivation sites in Michigan, Texas, and Florida. Their new 43,000 sqft facility in Sweetwater, FL just received approval and opened.
Future production: They are concentrating on their FL operations now with focus on increasing dispensary locations.

Direct sales:  Yes, and home delivery in Texas and Florida
Store networks: 3 dispensaries in PA open soon, 26 in Florida
Supply agreements: None

Vertically integrated: Yes
Horizontally diversified: No

Financials: Neutral

Revenue (ttm): $60.57 million
Outstanding shares (diluted): 126.2 million

Valuation: Neutral

Current share price: US $0.743
52 week high/low: $0.549-1.35
Price to Sales: 3.31
EV/Revenue: 2.88
Price/book: 3.25

Financing: Weak

They cancelled convertible notes by converting promissory notes issued in Feb. 2019 for $10 million into common shares and redeeming $5 million of the notes with cash. They did this with 8.4 million common shares at $0.60. They have $26 million of total cash with almost $77 million of total debt.

Risks: High

The risks of investing in any cannabis company are currently high given the newness of the market. The risks of investing in this company are very high, given their poor financial health, focus on only one market, and tight revenue margins.

Cansortium Investor Presentation

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Cansortium Technical Analysis

Should I Buy Cansortium Stock?

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Is there a buy opportunity with CNTMF?

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Bottom Line: Should I Buy Cansortium Stock?

Recommendation: Strong

Cansortium is a vertically operated cannabis company with operations focusing in Florida but with minor operations in PA, MI, and TX. They previously had operations in Puerto Rico, Canada, and Colombia but these were all recently discontinued after extremely unhealthy financials were the result. 

They have done a lot of fundraising through issuing shares. In April 2021 they issued 11.8 million shares, in one offering with another 5.2 million in another. They also secured a loan for $71 million in April 2021 with interest at 13% per annum, payable quarterly. They’ve done this because they are not profitable. 

Q1 2020 net losses were almost $14 million. The good news is that Q1 2021 net losses were only $5 million, a significant improvement. With the divesture of their international operations, and significant debt restructuring, they do have the opportunity to get expenses under control and get closer to profitability. 

We like the strong presence they have in Florida, one of the largest and most profitable cannabis markets in the USA. We also like the stock price does have some value built in, given P/S, Price/Book, and EV/Revenue are all less than 3.50. The stock does have some room to run as long as the management team can continue cutting costs and increasing revenue. For all these reasons we rate CNTMF as Strong .

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Cansortium, Inc.

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