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Canopy Growth’s THC-Infused Beverage Brand, Tweed, Ships to Quebec & Nationwide

Canopy Growth Cannabis StockCanopy Growth Corporation (NYSE: CGC), the well-known cannabis darling and world-leading diversified cannabis company, just announced that its tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) infused beverage brand, Tweed, has shipped to Quebec and all across Canada. The company’s THC-infused beverage brand, Tweed, arrived in Quebec on March 12th and then Canopy Growth announced shortly after that the THC-infused beverage brand had officially shipped to all provincial boards and retailers late last week.

The beverages can be purchased through provincial eCommerce websites and at traditional brick-and-mortar retail cannabis dispensary locations. However, availability will depend on the transportation timelines and the distribution system of each respective province. The company recommends consumers to investigate and check in with their local cannabis dispensaries to determine if the Tweed beverage brand has arrived and is in stock.

Tweed beverages are defined by the company as proprietary, industry-leading beverage technology that has distilled cannabis flower into liquid and powers the Canopy Growth’s Ready-To-Drink offerings. Every can of Tweed Houndstooth & Soda is 355ml and contains 2mg of THC and less than 1mg of cannabidiol (CBD). The Tweed beverage is made with a combination of Houndstood Distilled Cannabis™ with soda water and other ingredients that create a refreshing cannabis experience.

The exciting news of the Tweed beverage brand reaching nationwide distribution shortly after the legalization of cannabis edibles in Canada could mean that the company is one of the best cannabis investing opportunities to choose from. Thanks to the coronavirus and the selloffs attributed to the fear associated with the virus, it may be the right time for cannabis investors to invest in Canopy Growth. But is this one of the best cannabis stock picks for 2020?

10 Cannabis Companies with Better Investment Opportunity than Canopy Growth

The company, as of right now, is not recommended by our analysts, despite the new update on the Tweed beverage brand reaching nationwide distribution. Our analysts have several other cannabis stocks that are considered to be the best cannabis stock picks for 2020. Larger, well-known cannabis companies like Canopy Growth Corporation and Aurora Cannabis hold a reputation in the industry, but, smaller cannabis companies offer investors an opportunity in the long-term.

Canopy Growth’s THC-Infused Beverage Brand, Tweed, Ships to Quebec & Nationwide

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