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Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX: WEED) announced on May 11th that it has added products from CraftGrow partner AB Laboratories Inc. (AB Labs). The AB Labs products are now available on the Tweed Main Street online e-commerce website. AB Labs is part of Invictus MD Strategies Corp (OTC: IVITF).

CraftGrow is a way for licensed producers to find distribution through Canopy Growth’s established network of genetics, infrastructure, quality assurance, customer care services, and Tweed Main Street Online store.  

AB Labs is the most recent CraftGrow partner to have a product available for purchase with Canopy Growth’s medical cannabis products online.

The Tweed Main Street online store will continue to add growers into its product catalogs and aims to be a balanced blend of in-house and CraftGrow partner products.

IVITF, the stock most associated with AB Labs, increased in value today by 6.47%. The 4 days before today’s gain shows IVITF increasing only 3.66% in value, which results in a 5 day total percent increase of 10.37%.

The value of WEED increased on the 11th by 1.68% due to the announcement. After a 2.18% decrease over the 7th and 8th WEED closed on the 11th with a .03% increase in value for the week.