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CannTrust Holdings Inc. (TSX: TRST) announced on May 25th the company will be launching three recreational cannabis product brands of their own.  CannTrust is currently known as one of Canada’s leading cultivators and distributors of medicinal cannabis.  Additionally, it’s Canada’s first pharmacist owner or pharmacist operated medical cannabis cultivator in Canada.

The company is releasing Liiv™, Synr.g™, and Xscape™.  These brands are derived from CannTrust’s wide range of experience in consumer markets for alcohol and medical cannabis products.  Each product’s brand identity has a unique and specialized product profile to guarantee to meet the desired range of consumers.

The Liiv™ brand will be made up of strains that are for experienced consumers of recreational cannabis and are available in dried form, pre-rolled form, oils, and capsules.

Synr.g™ is a brand that is meant for social occasions and comes in pre-rolled or dried forms.

The Xscape™ brand will be the easiest brand for newcomers to recreational cannabis as it is designed to help take the guessing out of the equation when choosing a cannabis strain.
The strains that are available in pre-rolled or dried forms will be “Flix n Chill” and “Walk the Dog”.

TRST closed trading on the date of the announcement to a 1.39% decrease in value.

TRST fell as much as 3.91% on the announcement date but regained value and closed to the aforementioned 1.39% decrease.