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Cannin Smart Stock Algorithmic Trading Software

Predict price movements of hemp stocks hours in advance and make consistent gains from our algorithmically-driven stock signals.

We send the signal. You make the trade. You profit.

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We send the signal. You make the trade. You Profit.

I signed up for Cannin’s Smart Stock Algorithm a few months ago and I have been very impressed with the predictive stock signals they’ve sent me. Most of the signals have given me HUGE returns. They send detailed instructions on how to make the trade which makes it very easy to use. I’ve also really appreciated having access to their technical and fundamental analysis for publicly-traded cannabis and hemp stocks. These guys are great. Check them out!

Daniel K.
Denver, Colorado

How Does it Work?

Simply sign up and start receiving signals of profitable trades before they happen.

Our clients receive an email with specific trade instructions approximately 10-12 hours prior to the trade.

Some months you’ll receive several signals and others, you won’t. Remember – it’s quality over quantity.

Watch the video to see how it works.


What Else is Included with My Subscription?

In addition to exclusive access to our algorithmically-driven stock signals and free weekly stock tips – you’ll also get access to all of our curated company reports with detailed analysis and expert recommendations about the best hemp stocks for 2020.

You’ll also get access to our entire library of technical analysis videos to learn how to trade like the pros using sophisticated methodologies.

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From the Archives – Cannin Report Q2 2018

What are our members saying? 

Over the past month, I have been a subscriber to Cannin provides stock trading tips based on their proprietary algorithm software and I have to say that I’ve been VERY impressed with the services I’ve received thus far. When Cannin receives a signal for a stock, they send a message out to their subscribers. They’ll let them know which shares to buy, what the estimated holding period is, and when to sell the stock.  A perfect example is from a recent trading signal for a lesser-known cannabis stock, Terra Tech (TRTC). I received the signal from Cannin, followed their instructions, and made a quick 15% profit. The whole process was incredibly fast and easy. I never realized it could be so easy to make huge gains in the stock market. Cannin: you’ve got a subscriber for life!

Five star google review

Kevin M.
Finance Professional
Denver, Colorado


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“I’ve been using Cannin’s cannabis stock signals for about 6 months now and my portfolio is up over 70%. I was unsure at first but I am so glad I joined. These guys are great!”

Sarah M., Dallas, Texas

“COVID has really crushed the markets lately but Cannin’s smart stock signals gave me 30% gains amidst all the market volatility in March. I am super impressed with these signals!”

Ryan P., Boston, Massachusetts

“Cannin’s fundamental and technical analysis is such a great resource and I am absolutely blown away by their predictive trading signals since subscribing last summer. Thanks, guys!”

Daniel E., Aspen, Colorado