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A Suite of Four Premium Investor Offerings

  1. Automated Trading
  2. Fundamental Analysis Reports
  3. Technical Analysis Videos
  4. Cannin Chronicle

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1. Automated Trading

Take the guesswork our of trading. Our Model Portfolio has outperformed S&P and buy-and-hold strategies over the last 8 years. Sign up today and Cannin’s models will send you a timely alert when it’s time to make a trade.

How Good is It?

Cannin created a $50,000 model portfolio and back tested it over 8 years. After analyzing 29 cannabis stocks, a buy and hold strategy had a ROI of 9.8%. Over the same period the S&P would have returned 16.7%. Cannin’s automated trading portfolio returned* a whopping 108% during the same period, investing in the same stocks!

What do I Get?

After subscribing, you’ll receive emails letting you know which stocks to buy and when to buy them. Importantly, we’ll also tell you the recommended prices to get out of those trades!

How Does it Work?

Some months you’ll get lots of emails and some months you’ll get just a few. The model is fully dependent on the market conditions; it waits only for profitable trades and then lets you know once it does.

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2. Detailed Fundamental Analysis Reports

Get exclusive access to our fundamental analysis reports of the top cannabis companies every quarter. Stay informed on the latest and greatest investment opportunities in the cannabis industry.
A $99 value

3. Technical Analysis Videos

Get exclusive access to technical analysis videos to learn how to make smart trades using a variety of technical indicators. A $39/ month value.

4. Cannin Chronicle

Stay informed. Receive a free stock tip and fundamental analysis in your inbox every week.

Cannin’s Automated Trading Platform has delivered above and beyond my expectations. They have completely taken the guesswork out of trading—which is great with my busy schedule. In the last two years, my portfolio has grown over
93%. Thank you, Cannin!

Dr. Bill BraggCharleston West Virginia

Get All Four of These Great Cannabis Investing Resources for Only $99 / month!

why cannin?

Cannin’s team of industry experts and market analysts aim to make all cannabis investments simple and accessible for everyone. Cannin members benefit from the most current and reliable industry updates, company news, stock tips, technical and fundamental analysis, machine learning and the latest regulatory information which will allow you to identify the latest and greatest investment opportunities within the cannabis industry.