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Cannabis Use Linked to Increased Sexual Satisfaction

A recent study linked heightened sexual pleasure and increased orgasm intensity to cannabis use. The study published in the Journal of Cannabis Research examined the perceived influence of cannabis on sexual functioning and satisfaction. This study adds to the growing body of scientific research demonstrating cannabinoid use that positively impacts sexual wellness.

The sample included 811 participants ranging in age from 18 to 85, with a mean age of 32. The majority of participants were female (64.9%), White/Caucasian (78.9%), and college-educated (80.1%). Almost 25% of the participants were identified as LGBTQIA+. Most participants described themselves as being in a monogamous sexual relationship (73.7%).

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The researchers used Kaplan, Masters, and Johnson’s sexual response cycle (desire, excitement, orgasm, plateau, resolution) and included satisfaction to complete the sexual response cycle. Data were collected using an online survey tool called Qualtrics from a self-selected, convenience sample of individuals who reported previous cannabis use. The survey included demographic questions and a scale to measure sexual functioning and satisfaction in relation to cannabis use.

The findings indicated that age and gender were not found to have significant effects on cannabis use and sexual functioning and satisfaction. Over 70% of participants reported increased desire and orgasm intensity. 62.5% of participants reported cannabis-enhanced masturbation. Participants reported heightened sensations in the form of improved taste (71.9%) and touch (71.0%).

Demographic results indicate that the people who use cannabis are of a wide range of ages, from a variety of occupations, and have differing cannabis use preferences. The study highlights the inclusion of LGBTQIA + participants. The findings indicated that both men and women perceived that cannabis use increased sexual functioning and satisfaction. In particular, they reported stronger arousal responses and orgasm intensity. This study contributed to the growing literature on cannabis and sexuality and provides possibilities for future therapeutic sexual health treatments.

Sources: Journal of Cannabis Research

Cannabis Use Linked to Increased Sexual Satisfaction

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