The demand for recreational cannabis in Canada has completely outpaced the G20 country’s legal cannabis supply chains. Across the country short supplies of cannabis have hit both private and government retailers. Government retailers have faced a high volume of complaints, especially in Ontario, where it is mandatory that the purchase of recreational cannabis occurs through a government-run store that is entirely online. There are no traditional brick-and-mortar cannabis dispensaries in Ontario that a customer can physically walk into.

A similar supply shortage experience has come from Quebec’s Societe Quebecoise du Cannabis, a government entity that is responsible for cannabis sales, wherein it decided to close down for three days of the week to better stock its shelves.

Trevor Tobin, owner of one of Canada’s first recreational cannabis dispensaries, High North, said, “After a week of 100 apologies each day, we’re tired of just saying sorry. We were told there would be bumps in the road. This isn’t a bump in the road. This is a pothole”. He also went on to say that he waits for the new stock of cannabis to arrive and that it never does come.