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Cannabis Stocks Surge in Advance of the 2020 Election

As expected, cannabis stocks are surging in advance of the 2020 Election

Bullish cannabis stock investors are sending cannabis stocks surging ahead of a historic election that may determine the future of the cannabis industry. 

Voters in New Jersey, Arizona, South Dakota, Montana, and Mississippi (yes, even Mississippi!) are feverishly casting their ballots to determine whether or not these states will become the next to legalize medical and or recreational use of marijuana.

Hemp Stocks Cannabis Stocks 2020 Presidential Election

Sure, it seems as though the cannabis industry will likely expand into these new markets but are these cannabis investors overly optimistic about a Biden/Harris victory?

A Biden/Harris victory would likely provide significant momentum towards the federal legalization of cannabis. Democrats in power would likely drop possession and consumption of cannabis from its current “Schedule 1 illegal narcotics” status – you know, the same status as actual harmful drugs like heroin. They’d also likely defer to the states to set their own regulations.

Cannabis stocks 2020 election

Which Cannabis Stocks Will Surge if Biden Wins?

Major cannabis MSOs in the US such as Trulieve (TCNNF), Curaleaf (CURLF), Green Thumb (GTBIF) would certainly be the cannabis stocks you’ll want to stock up on should Biden/Harris win today. Of course, there are several other strong cannabis and hemp stock plays. Feel free to click over to our featured companies page for comprehensive fundamental and technical analysis on the best cannabis stocks for 2020.

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These three cannabis stocks have all had a small bump this week in advance of the 2020 Election.

Would a Biden Presidency Help Other Cannabis and Hemp Stocks?

In addition to the major US MSOs, companies such as Aphria (APHA) and Village Farms International (VFF) could be strong cannabis stock buys as well. It’s even worth checking out the ancillary stock plays like Scott’s Miracle-Gro (SMG).

Of course, don’t discount other cannabis industry darlings like Canopy Growth Corp (CGC) and Tilray (TLRY) as, fundamentally, these are both great long-term cannabis stock prospects to add to your portfolio.

Algorithmic Stock Trades Cannabis Stocks

Sure, 2020 has been a most uncertain year. However – what is certain, is the fact that the cannabis industry will continue to grow and evolve. This historic election certainly has cannabis stocks in a surge this week but are these gains sustainable? Market analysts expect the cannabis industry will have an annual value exceeding $75 Billion in the next decade. This means that, among cannabis stocks, there will be plenty of winners and losers. The best thing cannabis stock investors can do is to research (or leverage algorithmic stock trading!) and do your due diligence. It may sound daunting but picking the top performing cannabis stocks now could help you ultimately make 5-10x gains.

Cannabis Stocks Surge in Advance of the 2020 Election

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