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The public cannabis stock market will soon gain a new, familiar face among its ranks as Hightimes Holding Corp., owner of High Times®, announced its stock ticker symbol ahead of its initial public offering (IPO). Hightimes Holding was recently granted approval for trading and has now received its official symbol from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA).

This new cannabis sector stock could be the next best security to pick from out of all the other cannabis investing opportunities. Cannabis stocks (and much of the market, really) have seen a downtrend lately, thanks to the fear-based coronavirus selloffs and slashed oil prices, yet, this IPO just may be the right option for cannabis investors. “Cannabis darlings”, often dominating the headlines, such as Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC) and Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB), often overshadow cannabis companies like High Times which are much smaller by orders of magnitude, but still offer a considerable amount of value and opportunities for growth. But should you try and take advantage of this Cannabis Stock IPO? We’re not convinced this is the best buy-and-hold cannabis stock opportunity but we’re interested to see how it performs post-IPO. In fact, there are plenty of other solid cannabis and hemp investments right now.

Hightimes Holding has already gathered over $20 million in investments from over 25,000 shareholders and will conduct a Reg A+ IPO. The company has faith in the ticker symbol HTCH, which is an abbreviation for Hightimes Holding Corp., and believes that it is the correct way to represent the company on the public stock market. Shareholders voted on the stock ticker symbol and over 82% of them voted in favor of HTHC.

Adam Levin, Executive Chairman of Hightimes Holding Corp., stated: “We’re extremely excited to shortly complete our Regulation A + process and commence trading – this approval for trading has been a long time coming! The support from our shareholders has been overwhelming, and this was really a decision which we sought input from our over 25,000 investors. We have an incredible community of investors who are actively engaging with our brand, and our community is growing by the day!”

Investors who are interested in an early investment with Hightimes Holding Corp. won’t have another opportunity to do so before its IPO. Interested parties can purchase shares through the Hightimes investor website and view the High Times offering circular.

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Cannabis Magazine High Times Announces Stock Ticker Symbol before IPO

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