Cannabis companies in Colorado have taken a different approach when it comes to the advertisement of their brand and company. As per the regulations on cannabis product and cannabis company advertisements, Colorado cannabis companies have taken to the highways of Colorado to get their name out. It is reported, from data gathered by Adopt a Highway Maintenance Corporation, that 51 cannabis dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturers, and cannabis-infused edible product makers sponsor roads in Colorado. All of these cannabis companies represent a number that is less than half of those who participate in Clean Colorado, yet they still reach a greater percentage of roads covered. It is estimated that the entire reach of all cannabis company sponsored road is 66% of all sponsored roads and about 198 miles.

Harsha Gangadharbatla, Associate professor of advertising, public relations and media design at the University of Colorado Boulder, stated: “They’re a different kind of signage on the side of the road, they tend to stick out a little bit more than billboards, so consumers do pay a little bit more attention to anything that’s novel or different from the formats they’re used to. It presents marijuana stores in a positive light. The money made from marijuana is put to something good, like keeping up roads and transportation that everyone uses.”

The rules in Colorado on cannabis advertisements strictly limit the dissemination of information on cannabis in order to prevent the marketing messages from reaching the ears of minors. State regulators have prohibited advertisements of cannabis companies on television, radio, and print. Cannabis companies can only advertise in the previously mentioned medias if they can prove that the intended audience will all be 21 years of age or older. Advertisments of cannabis businesses online isn’t any easier on social media as the state bans any cannabis-related pop-up advertisement and social media sites will often shut down any cannabis company’s advertisement account.