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Calyxt Licenses New Enabling Technology from University of Minnesota for Greater Efficiency in Gene-Edited Plants

Unique Technology Has Potential to Reduce Gene-Edited Plant Production Timelines & Increase Speed to Market

CalyxtROSEVILLE, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Calyxt, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLXT), a plant-based technology company, has licensed a new method to help increase plant gene editing efficiency from the University of Minnesota. The method has the potential to reduce the time needed to edit plants from approximately one year to several months.

This breakthrough, co-invented by Dan Voytas, Ph.D., the co-founder of Calyxt and the University of Minnesota Professor of Genetics, Cell Biology and Development, is an example of the opportunistic synergies that Calyxt has with the University of Minnesota to put into commercial practice some of the technical discoveries coming out of the University’s research programs. This new technology could help Calyxt bring consumer-desired products, like better tasting plant proteins, to the market faster.

“It is extremely rewarding to see research performed at the University of Minnesota result in technologies that can be used by Calyxt to accelerate the production of gene-edited crop varieties,” said Calyxt chief science officer, Dan Voytas.

“Leveraging cutting-edge technology that enables new and faster ways to enhance the power of plants is our goal at Calyxt,” said Calyxt CEO, Jim Blome. “We’re committed to making a difference by developing plants that will improve health and sustainability for people and the planet, and our product pipeline reflects the opportunities that we hope to seize.”

The company expects to launch at least six product candidates from now through 2024, including a hemp product candidate in 2020, an alfalfa product in 2021 through its collaboration with S&W Seed Company (NASDAQ: SANW), a high fiber wheat product candidate as early as 2022, and four additional product candidates either via the company’s integrated business model or in collaboration with third parties.

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For more information, please read the published article in Nature Biotechnology or visit

About Calyxt

Calyxt (NASDAQ: CLXT), based in Roseville, Minnesota is a plant-based technology company. We partner with like-minded farmers and companies to deliver plant-based products with wellness and sustainability benefits. We use cutting edge plant breeding techniques to innovate and develop solutions to address unmet consumer and market demands. For further information, please visit our website at


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Calyxt Licenses New Enabling Technology from University of Minnesota for Greater Efficiency in Gene Edited Plants

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