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Bloomington, Illinois Cannabis Task Force Gets Expedited By Mayor Tari Renner

Bloomington, Illinois Cannabis Task Force Gets Expedited By Mayor Tari RennerThe Bloomington, Illinois cannabis task force was approved for creation and to begin the selection process of potential members last week on September 10th and Mayor Tari Renner already has a plan for members announced. Mayor Renner announced on Monday that he will have a list of members to get approval for a position on the cannabis task force next week. Several council members have expressed opinions of a fast, efficient assembly for the cannabis task force in order to determine the wants and needs of the Bloomington community.

Jaimie Mathy, Council Member of Bloomington, Illinois, stated: “I want to hear from all of those people sooner than later to hear what all of those perspectives are as part of the process of the task force to hear from all of those people now to help make those decisions faster than wait.”

The current plan for the state of Illinois is to issue 75 recreational cannabis licenses, some of which are already approved. Mayor Renner has not voiced a confirmation if the city will even have a cannabis business, but did say that he talked to interested entities. Applications for cannabis businesses open on October 1st of this year and licenses are expected to be doled out sometime by May 1st.

Renner also didn’t announce his full list of picks for the cannabis task force and only revealed a few top candidates. He made it public that Police Chief Dan Donath, another unnamed police department member, Jenn Carrillo, Julie Emig, business owners, a treatment counselor on drug usage, and other community members are likely to get nominated for a spot on the 10-person cannabis task force.

“In theory we could have two in Bloomington, if the facility in Normal decided to open another one and they open one up in Bloomington, and we could have another one theoretically in Bloomington. Or we could have none.”

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Bloomington, Illinois Cannabis Task Force Gets Expedited By Mayor Tari Renner