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Better Marijuana Stock Investment: Largest Marijuana ETF VS

How do these two marijuana stock investment instruments measure up?

Better Marijuana Stock Investment: Largest Marijuana ETF VS Cannin.com2019 was the biggest year for marijuana and, yet, many hot marijuana stocks suffered substantial losses. Companies like Tilray (TLRY)Cronos Group (CRON)Canopy Growth (CGC), and Aurora Cannabis (ACB), are among many marijuana stocks which are now down 50-90%. Based on the report released yesterday by BDSA, 2019 global legal marijuana sales grew by 46% to $14.7 billion, a substantial increase from the 16% growth of 2018, and the industry’s highest annual rate of growth to-date.

In fact, the largest marijuana ETF isn’t doing so well, either. They’re currently down 30% this year. Are there better opportunities out there?

Let’s take a quick look at the performance of two investment instruments: Better Marijuana Stock Investment: Largest Marijuana ETF VS

Largest Marijuana ETF: MJ ETFMG

MJ ETFMG tracks the Prime Alternative Harvest Index, designed to measure the performance of companies within the marijuana stock ecosystem benefitting from global medicinal and recreational marijuana legalization initiatives. This fund is a great barometer of the industry as a whole. They were the first U.S. and world’s largest ETF to target the global cannabis industry. This ETF holds some of the top marijuana stocks for 2020.


  1. Cronos Group Inc 9.34
  2. GW Pharmaceuticals 8.55
  3. Canopy Growth Corp 7.87
  4. Aurora Cannabis Inc 5.21
  5. Organigram Holdings Inc 4.92
  6. Tilray Inc  4.47
  7. Aphria Inc 4.03
  8. Corbus Pharmaceuticals 3.95
  9. Hexo Corp 3.66

Better Marijuana Stock Investment: Largest Marijuana ETF VS

Cannin’s Smart Stock Algorithm

Cannin’s Smart Stock Algorithm has gained 30.1% returns in 2020. MJ ETFMG has 36 holdings. Cannin analyzes the same number of marijuana stocks. For $1000 invested in 8 trades from our predictive signals, you would have made a healthy $2100 for the year after fees. Personally, we’re up over $24,000 for the year using this same Smart Stock Algorithm. At $99/ month, our monthly subscription is the best value of any marijuana stock trading platform available to the public.

Which one wins?

Well, during the same time period in 2020, MJ ETF is down 30.49% while the Cannin Smart Stock Algorithm is up 30.1%.

Remember MJ ETF costs 0.75% in administrative fees. For every $10,000 invested, you’re spending $750 – nearly the same amount you’d spend on our subscription for one year.

Bottom Line

Our Smart Stock Algorithm has been on fire since 2012 – yielding more than 108% returns. In 2019 our algorithm was up over 40% during one of the worst years in marijuana stock history.

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Better Marijuana Stock Investment: Largest Marijuana ETF VS

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