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Bernie Sanders Debuts Presidential National Cannabis Legalization Plan at 4:20pm

Potential presidential candidate for the Democratic party, Bernie Sanders, announced his presidential cannabis legalization plan today at the well-known, cultural cannabis use time of 4:20pm. Sanders would put this cannabis legalization plan into effect if he won the 2020 presidency. The plan covers three important aspects of cannabis and would be completed within his first 100 days in office as president. Apart from most candidates in the past and current election cycle, Sanders would legalize cannabis nationwide through an executive order. Most candidates and presidents have allowed and would allow for individual states to continue their process of recreational or medical cannabis legalization through ballot initiative.

“When we talk about criminal justice reform and ending institutional racism in America, we are talking about ending the disastrous War on Drugs, which has disproportionately targeted people of color and ruined the lives of millions of Americans,” said Bernie’s campaign in a statement.

Sanders and his 100 day cannabis legalization action as president will also include a program to vacate and expunge all past cannabis convictions and provide investments into communities most affected by cannabis prohibition and the war on drugs. Lastly, the legalization of cannabis by Sanders is focused on the prevention that the legal cannabis industry “does not turn into big tobacco”.

If Bernie Sanders is elected president, he will nominate the correct attorney general, HHS secretary, and Drug Enforcement Agency administrator to work together and end the war on drugs, as well as bring about cannabis legalization. After the correct attorney general is put in place by Sanders, the attorney general will immediately receive an executive order to declassify cannabis as a controlled substance. The declassification of cannabis as a controlled substance will allow banks to provide all services to cannabis companies without any barriers or worries on federal government conflict.

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Bernie Sanders Debuts Presidential National Cannabis Legalization Plan at 4:20pm

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