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AXIM Biotech signs LOI for distribution in Australia and New Zealand

AXIM Biotech signs LOI for distribution in Australia and New ZealandNew York-based AXIM Biotechnologies (OTCQB: AXIM), a small cannabinoid R&D firm focused on innovative cannabinoid delivery systems, announced it signed an LOI with Impression Healthcare Ltd, Australia’s largest home dental impression company, for exclusive distribution of all AXIM Biotech products in Australia and New Zealand.

The two will co-develop new products, including an oral rinse liquid for the treatment of oral mucositis, strep throat, oral infections, and gum disease.

Impression will collaborate for the licensing and distribution of AXIM’s cannabinoid-based therapeutic products in Australia and New Zealand. It will also seek regulatory and marketing approvals for AXIM’s products.

AXIM’s CEO George E. Anastassov said, “Collaboration on new products and regulatory approval is the fastest…way to expand into new markets, and we are happy to have found an experienced partner… These markets represent many potential patients… Their ideals align perfectly with AXIM’s vision of bringing cannabinoid therapeutics to mainstream healthcare.”

AXIM has three products in development: Its flagship pharmaceutical program MedChew® Rx will undergo clinical trials targeting the treatment of pain and spasticity in multiple sclerosis patients. It will also conduct a bioequivalence study of its dronabinol product, comparable to FDA-approved Marinol, for the treatment of nausea associated with cancer treatment and patients with AIDS. Its CanChew® RL product will undergo clinical trials for the treatment of restless leg syndrome.

These programs also target drug-related psychosis, restless legs syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia, among others.

AXIM® Biotechnologies is a biotechnology and pharmaceutical company focusing on R&D and production of cannabinoid-based delivery systems.

Impression Healthcare is Australia’s largest home dental impression company. It is disrupting the dental devices market with an in-home method to personalized dental healthcare products at significantly lower prices than dentists offer.

Impression offers Australian-made products for teeth protection, bruxism, snoring, mild sleep apnea, and teeth discoloration. Teeth impressions are taken at home with an impression kit. A dental technician produces the custom-fitted device without the customer having to undertake a costly and time-consuming visit to the dentist.


AXIM press release

AXIM Biotech signs LOI for distribution in Australia and New Zealand