The Vancouver startup, Micron Waste Technologies Inc. (MWM), is working with Aurora Cannabis and with sophisticated technology to eliminate and recuperate losses from waste during the cannabis cultivation process. Waste from cannabis cultivation can often reach levels that makes it easier for companies to resort to hiring an external waste removal company than to process it internally.

Micron’s specific waste diversion method uses aerobic digesters that produce clean water from food waste that is then reused while the biodegradable solids are left behind. The process happens on site and has no noticeable scent unlike other similar processes.

Estimates place cannabis cultivation waste in Canada at 6,000 tonnes per year by 2020.

Aurora Cannabis has a spot for Micron’s aerobic digester unit at their production facility located about an hour north of Calgary. The unit made for Aurora’s facility will be Micron’s first commercially sold and manufactured machine.

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