Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE: ACB) just announced that it has successfully started cannabis oil sales to pharmacies in Germany.

The product, Pedanios 5/1 drops, became the first product within Germany to contain cannabis extract derived oil and maintain German monograph compliance for pharmacies. The company now builds upon a solid history within Germany. It has supplied the country with dried cannabis flower product since 2015. This demonstrated history in Germany has positioned Aurora with a distinct edge in brand leadership towards European cannabis consumers from the advantage of being one of the very few companies that is positioned to sell cannabis oils in Europe’s cannabis derivatives market.

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Chief Global Business Development Officer, Neil Belot, stated: “Having established early mover advantage in selling cannabis oils in Germany, we are exceptionally positioned to extend our market leadership and accelerate growth of our European operations. As our global production capacity continues to ramp up, we are able to strategically allocate more product from our EU GMP certified cultivation facilities to this higher margin market that continues to be significantly undersupplied.”

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