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Aurora Cannabis Announces Strategy & Determination to Meet Canadian Cannabis Market Expansion

Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB)Aurora Cannabis Announces Strategy & Determination to Meet Canadian Cannabis Market Expansion just announced its strategy to meet the widely-anticipated expansion of the Canadian cannabis market. A national awareness campaign organized by Aurora Cannabis is set to debut in the fall. The goal of the awareness campaign is to disseminate information in order to educate established consumers and the general public on safe usage of the soon-to-be introduced cannabis products. Cannabis market expansion in Canada is expected to occur in October of this year and will include the introduction of vaporizers, cannabis concentrates, and edibles. Aurora has also constructed production hubs next to its facilities to effectively create and distribute the new varieties of cannabis products.


Terry Booth, Chief Executive Officer of Aurora Cannabis, stated: “We will show leadership when it comes to educating consumers on the safe, responsible consumption of cannabis edibles. Over the next few months we will be rolling out educational campaigns across Canada to help provide consumers with the information they need to make safe and sound decisions.”

The company has prepared for the initial onslaught of demand of these new products through the establishment of production hubs in Western Canada. The production hubs are located next to the company’s manufacturing facilities. These new production hubs next to the Aurora Sky, Aurora River, and Aurora Vie facilities are to create an ease in distribution with a centralized network for production, packaging, and logistics. The total square footage of each production hub exceeds over 450,000 sq. ft. when combined. Aurora Sky and Aurora River have also received new industrial-scale extraction systems.

“Aurora is the world’s leading producer of high-quality cannabis and we’re ready to introduce high-value product additions to this improved, federally legal market. From the beginning, we’ve invested in industry-leading production and distribution technology, and in consumer research to drive products to market that consumers will desire. These things, together with the dynamic partnerships we’ve entered into on the accessory and technology fronts, position us well for this new market launch in December as per Health Canada’s recent regulatory amendments,” said Booth.

A 20,000 sq. ft. facility with a prioritized focus on the production of cannabis edibles, Aurora Air, is currently in the final steps before it receives a Health Canada license for cannabis cultivation and production. Several production lines at Aurora Air will be dedicated to cannabis edibles.

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Note: The author of this article does have a current position with Aurora Cannabis stock.

Aurora Cannabis Announces Strategy & Determination to Meet Canadian Cannabis Market Expansion