Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE: ACB) announced on November 14th that the company has appointed Dr. Jonathan Page, Ph.D., to the position of Chief Science Officer. The Chief Science Officer’s responsibilities are to oversee every project that is science-related within the company. Science-related projects within Aurora Cannabis aim to develop and create the latest in products for medicinal cannabis consumers as well as adult recreational cannabis market consumers.

Dr. Page is a world-renowned cannabis scientist that co-led the team of Canadian scientists who were the firsts to sequence the cannabis genome. He previously held a position within the cannabis industry as Anandia Labs’ Chief Executive Officer. Chief Executive Officer of Aurora Cannabis, Terry Booth, had this to say about Dr. Jonathan Page’s recent appointment to the position of Chief Science Officer, “Jonathan’s knowledge of the cannabis plant and its applications make him a globally recognized leader in the cannabis sector. With this appointment, we are well-positioned to continue to innovate through the research our teams are involved in and drive new commercial products.”

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