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Aphira Launches Acquired Company, Nuuvera, as Aphira International

Aphira Launches Acquired Company, Nuuvera, as Aphira InternationalAphira Inc. (TSE:APH), one of the lowest cost producers of cannabis in Canada, announced on March 27th that their recently acquired company, Nuuvera, is now renamed to Aphira International Inc. Aphira recently acquired Nuuvera in the beginning of 2018 in a cash and stock bought deal for $826 million.

The name change for Nuuvera, now Aphira International, is fitting as they will be continuing work in multiple countries across the globe.

The best Aphira International has going for them is a top spot on the list for a German government granted cultivation license and a supply agreement with the second largest pharmacy in Germany that distributes to an estimated over 13,000 pharmacies in three different countries.

Since the announcement on the 27th the stock value for Aphira (APH) has shown that the Aphira International news was not received positively. The value for APH decreased the day after the news and has decreased consistently throughout the second day for a total loss, since the 27th, of 7.15%.

Aphira Launches Acquired Company, Nuuvera, as Aphira International

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