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Alliance One Seeks to Become an International Cannabis Company

Alliance One Seeks to Become an International Cannabis CompanyAlliance One International (AOI) is a global tobacco company who contracts, processes, and supplies tobacco. The company is the result of a 2005 merger of two companies with over 100 years of combined experience in the tobacco industry.

Given its track record, AOI seems determined to grow into a new business and move beyond their well-known ability in the tobacco business. They’ve grown into e-liquids, industrial hemp, and cannabis.

In 2014 the company started Purilum LLC as an investment into the e-liquid market. Purilum is said to set the standard for excellent product, quality, and compliance. The company has serious review processes for their flavors and products to maintain their position at the front of the market. In 2017 AOI made a 40% equity investment into Nicotine River, LLC. This joint venture was able to enhance Purilum’s yearly revenue and growth ability.

Also in late 2017 a subsidiary owned by AOI acquired a 40% equity position with the North Carolina-based LLC, Critically. Critically uses a farmer network to grow hemp in industrial levels in North Carolina under a state pilot program. This program is used to allow hemp growth for cannabidiol hemp oil (CBD) and allows Critically to extract the CBD from the hemp at their facility in North Carolina. Their five year goal is to be a leader in “CBD production and consumer products.”

Most recently in 2018 an AOI owned subsidiary, Canadian Cultivated Products, Ltd. acquired 75% in equity in Canada’s Island Garden Inc. (CIG) and 80% in Goldleaf Parm Inc.

Goldleaf is a late applicant to the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations in Canada (“ACMPR), which would allow them to legally sell medicinal cannabis in Canada.

CIG happens to be one of the 35 companies fully licensed under ACMPR to manufacture and sell medical cannabis in Canada.Clearly, Alliance One International has a firm belief in the future expansion of the cannabis markets. The company has only just begun to accumulate roots in the cannabis industry.

Alliance One Seeks to Become an International Cannabis Company