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All Systems Go – Geyser Brands Produces First Harvest

All Systems Go - Geyser Brands Produces First HarvestGeyser Brands Inc. (GYSR.V) just announced that the company planted its first crop under Health Canada’s license to cultivate. The two first test crops were planted under the License and were expected to mature by the end of April.

The Licensing process is a 3-step process, with the company eagerly awaiting its Processing and Sales License upon completion of these requirements. After receiving its License, Geyser Brand is expected to enter the Consumer-Packaged Goods sector. This together with its plans to sell its harvest to another Licensed Producer will be the company’s primary revenue generating streams.

Geyser Brands boasts the lowest market capitalization with a Health Canada License to cultivate. The company under the symbol “GYSR” first came to trade on the TSX Venture Exchange at the end of December.


In more recent news, Geyser Brands announced its first successful harvest, establishing the first revenues from its cultivation license granted on October 16, 2018. The company’s facility was also audited by Health Canada, the agency which granted its Brand’s Licensed Producer (”LP”) compliance.

Being a registered Licensed Producer allows the company to enter the next phase of its revenue-generating strategy which is to produce and market its regulated cannabis products directly to the consumer medical market.

The company is currently actively researching and developing its line of premium-grade strains and technologies to produce products that target specific health conditions. These products are aimed at helping people find a more effective and natural solution to pain and inflammation, insomnia, digestive issues, and other common ailments.

Michael Price, president of Geyser Brands LP site 0957102 BC, commented “I couldn’t be prouder of our dedicated employees who, under the watchful eye of our Head of R&D Kuldip Gill, have worked tirelessly to ensure that our LP is now fully compliant under Health Canada rules. Also, congratulations to our master grower Trevor McLean for making our first crop’s yield better than we could have ever hoped for. ”

About Geyser Brands

Geyser Brands supports healthy active lifestyles by planning to deliver innovative cannabis, hemp, hemp-CBD infused consumer packaged goods in the nutraceutical, cosmetics, food, beverage and pet sectors. Through ongoing R&D investment in Nanofusion, a proprietary all-natural Nano-technology, Geyser will deliver unique formulations with superior bio-availability and water-solubility properties to its retail and export markets. Geyser Brands is a Health Canada approved Licensed Producer under the Cannabis Act, with its facility located in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.

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All Systems Go – Geyser Brands Produces First Harvest