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Algorithmic Stock Trading Volatile Hemp Stocks

Use algorithmic stock trading to grow your wealth with consistent gains.

Cannabis and hemp stock investors’ hopes have gone up in smoke this year as many stocks like Tilray, Canopy Growth Corp, Curaleaf, and Trulieve are all down 30-90% over the past twelve months.

Algorithmic trading allows users to harness the power of statistical analysis to forecast the movements of stocks before they occur. This is very important when investing in volatile hemp stocks as the risks are far greater than investing in other markets. Algorithmic Trading uses predetermined, statistics-based strategies which can operate on computers with minimal oversight or human involvement.

Computers offer several advantages over human traders. Their analytical capabilities far exceed human abilities in both speed and accuracy. Also, unlike humans, emotions are completely removed from the equation. For these reasons, many investors have realized that algorithmic trading can offer consistent portfolio growth

What are the best algorithmic trade strategies?


Algorithmic Stock Trading for Volatile Marijuana and Hemp Stocks

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Most algorithmic trading methodologies utilize software to identify profitable opportunities much more efficiently than a human could. Algo trading models use technical indicators to identify these opportunities.

When developing this type of software, developers will typically use bots to test against historical market data. This is known as backtesting and this is the best way to verify whether or not the model is sound enough to utilize.

Like any other legitimate experiment, the backtesting is only as good as the controls. Ensure that your algo trading software backtests with sound scientific practices in mind. 

Why Should I Consider Investing in Hemp Stocks?

Global Cannabis Market To Hit $47 Billion By 2025

Wall Street expects the legal marijuana and hemp industry will have an annual value exceeding $75 Billion in the next decade. Some companies will be very profitable but most will not succeed. The winners and losers in the hemp and marijuana industry are becoming more and more apparent each day. Both uncertainty in long-term operating viability and the COVID crisis now have investors more uncertain than ever.

Algorithmic Stock Trading with Cannin: Better than the Biggest Marijuana ETF in 2020

Algorithmic Stock Trading for Volatile Marijuana and Hemp Stocks

Using our algorithmic stock signals this year, you would have grown your wealth with a healthy 30.1% return on investment

As you can see, Cannin’s 2020 Portfolio started from scratch this year and has grown to nearly $11,000.00 – all based on our algorithmic stock signals.

Compare this with the Largest Marijuana ETF (MJ ETFMG) which is currently losing 30%. Cannin’s proprietary algorithmic trading software analyzes the same marijuana stocks as MJ ETFMG and forecasts future profitable price movements. Our monthly subscription is the best value of any marijuana algorithmic stock trading platform available to the public.

Cannin’s proprietary hemp stock algorithm has delivered consistent gains over the last 8 years – including 30.1% Gains in 2019, 49.8% Gains in 2020, and 108% Gains since 2012 As you can see, Cannin has a track record of providing our clients with steady, consistent gains.

Why Should I Use Algorithmic Stock Trading for Volatile Marijuana and Hemp Stocks?

Investing in volatile hemp markets is much riskier than investing in more conventional sectors. Using predetermined, statistics-based strategies, Stock Trading Algorithms can help limit your risk and provide you with more consistent gains than other options available to stock traders.

Algorithmic Stock Trading Volatile Marijuana and Hemp Stocks

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Market analysts expect the marijuana and hemp industry will have an annual value exceeding $75 Billion in the next decade. The time to invest in marijuana and hemp stocks is now. Are you looking to buy stock in hemp companies or marijuana companies? Interested in emerging penny hemp stock companies? Looking for the best Canadian marijuana stocks to invest in? We can help.

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