The Department of Health (DOH) within New Jersey has announced that they have selected 6 companies to apply for cannabis cultivation and dispensary permits. Each section to the state of New Jersey, north, central, and south, have two chosen applicants in order to effectively provide access to medical cannabis products for patients who suffer from a wide range of conditions that can be relieved through cannabis medicines. Only 6 out of the 146 applicants made the next round and were selected to apply for permits and all applicants will be listed on the DOH website next year.

Six very strong applicants were selected, including minority-owned and woman-owned businesses. We will meet with them early next year to refine their timetable for growing product and opening their doors. We are committed to an equitable expansion of supply to meet growing patient demand, and these new locations will reach patients that currently have to travel longer distances to obtain the therapy,” Health Commissioner Dr. Shereef Elnahal said.

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