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Growing cannabis at home is an exciting prospect as you learn about the plant, strains, growing techniques, and more. If you are an avid grower, you may consider graduating to commercial cultivation at some point. But it is a completely different ball game as the scale of operations gets far bigger than indoor cultivation. You will need a cultivator’s license to start, along with passion, patience, and flexibility to stay strong throughout the journey. At the same time, you will require some essentials to ensure success for the commercial cultivation business. Here are the 5 Essentials For Successful Commercial Cannabis Cultivation.

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Favorable environmental conditions

As with any other agricultural crop, cannabis thrives in a favorable environment. You have to ensure it has the right temperature and ventilation throughout the growth stages. Outdoor cultivation is easier if the weather is right in your area. But indoor cultivators need to have a heating, cooling, and ventilation system in place. You will also need to invest in a humidifier and an air purification system to maintain optimal humidity levels.

Proper grow medium

The choice of the right grow medium can determine your success as a cultivator. Soil is the natural, abundant, and least expensive option. You can enhance it by using potting compost for an extra boost of fertility. Clay pellets, coco air, perlite, and rockwool make other popular growing options for cannabis. Ask an expert for recommendations for the ideal growing medium.

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Optimal lighting

Unless your crops get the right lighting, you cannot expect them to thrive. It becomes all the more crucial for indoor cultivation because you will need to substitute sunlight. You can opt for 300 watt led grow light to ensure fast and healthy growth of your plants. The option offers adequate light while being energy efficient. You will not have to stress about power bills nor worry about your carbon footprint if you opt for LED lights for your facility.

Ample water

Water is another essential you cannot miss out on when growing a healthy crop of cannabis. While you must have a sufficient supply of water for the plants, its quality is equally crucial. Poor water quality can affect the growth and even lower the bud yield eventually. The pH level of water should be around 6.5 at all times. You can use tap water if it is not polluted. But filtered or distilled water makes a much better choice.

Right nutrients

Your cannabis plants will need the right nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Using an N-P-K mix gets you a healthy yield, but you need to think beyond just adding the mix to the growing medium. These plants absorb nutrients through osmosis, which involves the movement of nutrients from one fluid to another. Water quality,  humidity levels, and air temperature play a key role in helping the plant to get nutrients through osmosis.

Cultivating cannabis for commercial purposes requires a lot of work, and everything starts with these essentials. Ensure that your crops get them throughout the stages of growth, and you can maximize the output and quality.

5 Essentials For Successful Commercial Cannabis Cultivation

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