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5 Cannabis Friendly Hotels and BnBs To Take Your Next Vacation To New Heights

5 Cannabis Friendly Hotels and BnBs To Take Your Next Vacation To New HeightsAs more states in the US and countries around the world move towards legalizing recreational use, more vacationers are looking for cannabis friendly accommodations. Though the cannabis tourism industry is still in its infancy, some enterprising hotel and bed and breakfast owners are embracing this growing movement. Some larger hotels in recreational cities have unspoken cannabis tolerant policies, and won’t stop guests from smoking on balconies or using vaporizers or edibles in their rooms. But if you are looking for a truly cannabis friendly vacation experience, it can still be tough to find hotels or vacation rentals that openly embrace recreational use. We’ve rounded up 5 properties that provide unique, exciting experiences for cannabis users.


1. Aspen Canyon Ranch Colorado


Colorado is a major destination for all things cannabis, but if you are looking for lodging that will immerse you in the natural beauty of the mountains, Aspen Canyon Ranch should be at the top of your list. It’s a private resort north of Silverthorne Colorado, boasting 450 acres of gorgeous, cannabis friendly mountain property. It offers both cabins and larger houses, so whether you are looking for a relaxing couples retreat, or a rowdy bachelor party, you’re covered. If you want to go all out, check out the all inclusive packages with 3 meals a day, snowmobile and ATV tours, ski days, dispensary tours, and more. Local dispensaries have partnered with Aspen Canyon Ranch, treating guests as part of the community by offering the “locals” discount of up to 20%. And if you are interested in learning about cannabis cultivation, the Colorado Cannabis School is located on the property.


2. The Jupiter Hotel Oregon


The Jupiter Hotel in Portland, Oregon has the distinction of being the first Oregon hotel to offer a cannabis friendly lodging package. Portland is a city of amazing food, craft beer, and beautiful scenery, so it makes a perfect destination for an elevated vacation. The hotel is centrally located in the bustling Central Eastside District, providing a vibrant urban atmosphere with easy access to all the culture and entertainment Portland has to offer. On the property there’s an underground music venue, the Doug Fir Lounge, with musical acts seven days a week, as well as a gallery space with art openings on the first Friday of every month. The 420 package is a partnership with Dope Magazine, to give guests an insider’s look at Oregon’s legal cannabis industry. It includes discounts coupons for local dispensaries, a vape pen, a munchie kit, and more.


3. The Bulldog Hotel Amsterdam


Long before there were hot destinations in America for recreational cannabis, Amsterdam held the crown of global cannabis destination. Though Amsterdam may have lost its title, there’s one hotel that should be on any cannabis conscious traveler’s list: The Bulldog Hotel. Operated by the company that created the first cannabis coffeeshop in Amsterdam, the Bulldog Hotel is steeped in the history of cannabis culture. As the self-proclaimed first five star hostel in the world, it features large hostel style dorm rooms, though there are also private rooms and suites available. The lounge bar is the social highlight of the hotel, a smoker friendly space with food, drinks, and live DJs. And you’ll have easy access for all of your cannabis needs with the Bulldog Coffeeshop located nearby.


4. The Adagio Denver


The Bud and Breakfast at the Adagio Denver was the very first cannabis friendly lodge in Denver, the current capital of American cannabis. It’s a charming bed and breakfast style property, with 6 beautifully decorated suites. Included in your stay is a wake n’ bake breakfast every morning, 4:20 happy hour appetizers in the afternoon, munchies all day long. You also have access to the full stocked paraphernalia bar, providing any of the various smoking tools you might need during your visit. And if you really want to be pampered, take advantage of the on site spa services, including hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, and reflexology.


5. Goma Kush Uruguay


If you are looking for a unique cannabis friendly destination off the beaten path, Uruguay might be right up your alley. Uruguay was the first country in the world to nationally legalize the sale of recreational cannabis in 2017, and the laws regarding public consumption are very lax. Anyone over the age of 18 can smoke anywhere, with the exception of public buildings and indoor workplaces. The caveat is that only residents may legally purchase cannabis, but fortunately many residents are happy to share with visitors. A convenient way to visit and have easy access is to stay at a private residence, such as the Goma Kush property in Montevideo. The host couple provides free cannabis as part of your stay, as well as preparing breakfast each morning and acting as tour guides.

5 Cannabis Friendly Hotels and BnBs To Take Your Next Vacation To New Heights