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3 Strong Buy and Hold Cannabis Stocks for 2021

There’s plenty of buzz among cannabis stock investors who capitalize on quick trades for short term profits. Unless you time the market or use algorithmically-driven signals, it can be very difficult to make money with quick buy/sell moves. because cannabis stocks continue to be volatile, you can easily lose your shirt if you don’t time your trades correctly. Alternatively, you can identify strong growth opportunities with well-managed cannabis companies to grow your investment in the longer-term. has identified 3 strong buy and hold cannabis stocks for 2021 that you may want to add to your portfolio now.

1. GrowGeneration (GRWG)

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GrowGeneration is one of the 4 top ancillary cannabis & hemp stocks for 2021GrowGeneration (GRWG) is a Denver, Colorado-based hydroponics, and organic specialty products company. It has certainly been living up to it’s name with an astounding growth rate that continues to turn heads. GRWG was one of the best cannabis stocks in 2020 and it’s currently rallying on expectations that the U.S. government will legalize pot federally. Hemp Stock Picks

GrowGen sells both through its retail stores and online. The company offers over 10,000 products. Apart from that, GrowGeneration also offers greenhouse design solutions and harvesting solutions. The company’s $1.7 billion market capitalization has come through a series of acquisitions.

Since the beginning of the company in 2014, GrowGeneration has never wavered from its growth play. GRWG has about 31 stores operating in 11 states and is now eyeing additional states for further expansion. The company is always in search of growth opportunities and doesn’t shy away from making a sound bet and certainly one of the 3 strong buy and hold cannabis stocks for 2021.

2. Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR)

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IIPR: Is this Marijuana Stock Still a Strong Buy?Innovative Industrial Properties is a cannabis REIT with a sole focus is on triple-net-leasing to cultivators. The company primarily acquires properties from cannabis operators via a sale-leaseback transaction.

Due to the wave of legalization going on this demand is expected to increase more in the coming days. By its compelling and beneficial offerings to the pot companies, IIPR can take full advantage of the scenario. Hemp Stock Picks

It’s worth noting that analysts recommended buying shares of IIPR back in early 2019. At the time, this cannabis stock was trading at $89.34. Today, it is trading at IIPR 195.00 (6.36 3.37%), up significantly since our analysts first made their recommendation. IIPR is currently operating in less than half of the states that have legalized medical marijuana so there will be ample partnership and expansion opportunities for the company in the coming months. Also, its strong financial and operational strategies prove it is much superior to many of its peers. Thus, we feel as though investing in IIPR’s demonstrated business model can possibly provide cannabis investors outsized total returns making it one of the best cannabis stocks for 2021.

3. Trulieve Cannabis (TCNNF)

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Top Marijuana Stock Trulieve Cannabis Continues to OutperformTrulieve Cannabis is a Florida-based multistate operator (MSO) that has garnered plenty of attention among cannabis stock investors with its massive 350% YoY growth. It currently meets about half of the state’s medical marijuana requirement and unlike most other cannabis operators, it has been consistently making profits in the last 11 quarters.

Even after such a terrific run, Trulieve stock is still cheaper than many of its peers. Although the company is not active in many states it has built a good name for itself in the medical cannabis market apart from generating strong financials. Hemp Stock Picks

Expansions are costly and most of the time require M&As with others. By following this slower approach, Trulieve can conserve cash while taking baby steps towards expansion. However, this may also prove to be disadvantageous for the company as rivals will already have strong footings in those states.

Amidst the sea of unprofitable and unpredictable cannabis stocks, a stock like Tuelieve is rare and is an ideal bet for growth investors. The stock is currently trading at TCNNF 46.37 (0.37 0.80%). The cannabis market presents a huge growth opportunity and if the company follows the same strategy it adopted for the Florida market, it will slowly entrench itself in every market it enters – making it one of the 3 strong buy and hold cannabis stocks for 2021.

3 Strong Buy and Hold Cannabis Stocks for 2021

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